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Upcoming Events

Future Events 2009

*** If you would like for the AMA Dojo to a demonstration for your group or community please let us know.  There is no charge or fee for our demonstrations and they are very informative.***

Sensei's Vacation, NO Classes
"Dojo East and west will be closed"
Sept. 1st thru 7th
Classes will resume Tues, Sept. 8th.


Tounaments 2009

Saturday February 28th
MMASC Karate Tournament

Springfield MO.

Saturday March 7th
YMCA Karate Tournament
Jefferson City MO

Saturday April 18th
The Coca-Cola Classic

St. Louis MO

Saturday May 16th
The Silver Sun Shodown
St. Louis MO

Saturday June 6th
Shorin Ryu Pro AM
St. Louis MO
* for those needing National points.

Columbia Cup
Saturday, September 19th
Columbia MO


KY Blue Grass Nationals 09
June 11, 12-13
NASKA Banquet the 11th

GA Battle of Atlanta 09
July 24th-25th

MN Diamond Nationals 09
October 9-10
*World Championships*