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Team Kata Competition

Straight to the Point!

  Team Kata Competition  was a little more than just doing Kata or Forms. Students were expected to know protocols and knowledge of the Bunki.  Students were asked many questions.

Team Kata Placements:

1st Place was Team 1 
Team Leader Sempai Komo.


2nd Place was Team 4
Team Leader Bradley Malone.

3rd Place was Team 2
Team Leader Bryson Clark.

4th Place was Team 3
Team Leader  John Richards.

Our Greatest Thanks to our judges (left to right)

Lee Bobbit, Sempai
Ed Ponder, Sensei
Kim Campa, Sempai

 Today was a day of lessons for everyone. Team Leaders and Students alike learned that to be prepared for the unexpected is for the best.

  Team Kata Photos 2007