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Iss Kei Sho Karate History

Iss Kei Sho Karate - Jefferson, City Missouri Iss Kei Sho History
1995 Founder - B.J. Huffman, Soke

In 1995, Shihan B.J. Huffman founded his own style named Iss Kei Sho. He currently hold the rank of 8th Dan-Black Belt. He has a total of 39 years of training and teaching Martial Arts in the Central Missouri area. B.J. has only promoted fourteen people to Black Belt in Kei Shin Kan and has promoted five to Black Belt in Iss Kei Sho. He currently has two students on Shodan - Hold

     The reason only eleven people where promoted to Black Belt in Kei Shin Kan is that it is a traditional Martial Arts Style from Japan. Master Takazawa 8th Dan was the head Master and was located in Tokyo, Japan. My instructor in the United States was Sensei Nobuhiro Shinohara -6th Dan. Master Toyama, a student of Grand Master Itosu, created Kei Shin Kan. Master Toyama, gave a training hall (Dojo) to Master Masano Takazawa, one of his top students, with instructions that it should be called Kei Shin Kan. Kei Shin Kan was formed not as a particular style of Karate, but as a Dojo for the practice of "True Karate".

     Kei Shin Kan hard style Karate. You must have a lot to learn and must have each technique perfected for each belt. It takes most people six to eight years to earn their black belt. No one under seventeen can be promoted to black belt.

     In 1995, I created Iss Kei Sho. It has techniques taken from all the martial arts I have studied plus my own techniques.

     In my style I have 10 kata's. A Kata is a traditional pre-arranged series of techniques executed on imaginary opponents. Kata helps develop techniques, balance, coordination, and quickness. All techniques in the kata is based on the basics we practice in class.Iss Kei Sho Karate - Jefferson, City Missouri

      All the kata's can be performed in an approximate 8'x8' area. The white belt kata has 14 moves in it and the black belt kata has 57 moves in it. In real Self-defense situations, a fight usually takes place in a small area. These katas' are made so you can move fast and quick in a small area weather you have one opponent or five. I use moves out of all styles of Martial Arts, Judo, Jujitsu, Alkido, Grappling, Boxing, and Karate. Karate to me is really everything you can learn and put to use. I am still learning, you can never quit learning. Learning Martial Arts is a life time thing.

Karate is more then a method of combat. It emphasizes self-discipline, positive, attitude, and a high moral purpose.    

 B.J. Huffman, Shihan

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