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GoShinKan Principles

4 GoShinKan Principles


The first and probably the most important principle is Accuracy. Accuracy is more than just hitting an attend point on the body. Accuracy is strong foundation of basics and proper techniques.

GoShinKan Accuracy - Jefferson City, Missouri Karate

The speed principle is the phase when you have understood all basic punches and kicks. In this phase you refine those foundations by cutting the fat off those techniques as it were. Timing is incorporated in the use of proper techniques thus making the techniques faster.

GoShinKan Speed - Jefferson City, Missouri Karate

The power phase is incorporated after the accuracy and speed have been mastered . The power phase begins with proper breathing techniques. Then the use of KI. KI is the transfer of power from center into the strike. This in return makes the strike more effective and hard to recover from.

GoShinKan Power - Jefferson City, Missouri Karate

Heart is the final principle. Heart allows these techniques to flow and to become the natural movements of the body, thus turning them into natural instinct. Techniques are used with out thought.

GoShinKan Heart - Jefferson City, Missouri Karate