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GoShinKan Karate

The "Old Ways" of Karate

There is a time, when defending one's self is of no choice... Are YOU ready?
GoShinKan Karate In Jefferson City, Missouri

Okinawan Focused Classes
GoShinKan Karate is an Okinawan hard style, with Okinawa traditions and standards. Rank is hard earned.

Understanding the Okinawan origins of Karate allows us to utilize the original self-defense principles and highly effective applications to the random yet habitual acts of physical violence faced by ordinary people in life.

The Kata ( forms ) that we practice were specifically designed to address these very situations, by giving the practitioner a deep knowledge of the anatomy and vulnerable points of the human body ( Kyusho Jutsu )and of how to utilize the attacker's own aggression against them.

Our Classes are Fun, Exciting, and very Informative. Something new is learned every Class.

Small Classes
The standard size of a class is 5 people for each instructor. This allows each Student to receive more individual instruction per class thus giving our Students a great advantage when it comes to training.

Traditional Title Earned  GoShinKan Karate In Jefferson City, Missouri
Soke Stacy J. Huffman Sensei, teaches the Okinawan Martial Art form of GoShinKan Karate and has been in Martial Arts since the age eight. He has been teaching GoShinKan Karate for over 20 years and holds 3rd Dan (degree) in
Kei Shin Kan Karate as well.

If you are wanting more than just a Belt, by all means come in and take look at the class and talk to our Sensei Soke, Stacy J. Huffman.