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GoShinKan Instructors

Senseis of Honor

Jefferson City, Missouri

Soke Stacy Huffman
5th Degree Black Belt

Sensei Huffman is quick witha grin when it comes to the questions of tradition and why and how things work in the old ways.

 GoShinKan Karate Black Belts In Jefferson City, Missouri    Sensei Stacy Huffman Is a friendly and dedicated Sensei that holds Black Belts and high rank in several other styles of Martial Arts. Sensei Huffman started his journey in Martial Arts at the age of eight and he has over 30 years of experience Teaching GoShinKan Karate.

Through his travels with Untied States Marine Corps. He has trained with and competed against some of the Worlds best Martial Artists. Sensei Huffman is the Central United States Head instructor of GoShinKan Karate Federation.


St. Louis, Missouri

Shodan Ryan Rowland
1st Degree Black Belt

GoShinKan Black Belt Karate In St. Louis, MissouriSensei Rowland favors the simplicity and the rhythm of Flowing Self Defense or waza. He put it to the test in 2000 when he Joined KCPD.

Sensei Rowland is a dedicated instructor of Tradition and is working on Dojo in St. Louis, Missouri.



Fulton, Missouri

Shodan Scott Gaines
1st Degree Black Belt

 GoShinKan Black Belt Karate In Fulton, MissouriSensei Scott Gains carries a smile when it comes to the art of Kumite (Sparring). He has been an assistant instructor to Sensei Huffman since 1999

Sensei Gains is a focused instructor of the old ways and Teaches in Fulton, Missouri
Phone: (573) 642-8479