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Art of Martial Arts East


 	Traditional Martial Arts Dojo Jefferson City Missouri
  • Awesome and Free Kids Karate Classes.
  • Professional Adult Karate Classes.
  • Traditional Dojo Setting and Training.
  • Okinawa Certified Instructors.
  • Bringing mind, body and spirit together.

GoShinKan Karate

GoShinKan karate prides itself of delivering good karate and self-defense techniques. The art that is taught is Historic in its teaching as it is for body, mind and life.

We teach human values and community ethics as well as discipline, self-control, and confidence development. All teachers are qualified instructors.

 Karate schools that teach the traditional art are virtually nonexistent, except for GoShinKan. You are welcome to visit any of our schools at any of our locations and see for your self why are one of the strongest dojos in the Midwest.

AMA Dojo East will focuse on the old traditions and standards of Karate-Do on
the East side of Jefferson City.

Dojo East