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A New Shodan (Black Belt) Joins the GoShinKan Ranks!

Senseis of Honor

Passing of the Sword Ceremony

Our Simple Origins on Ryukyu Islands

A Simple Beginning

A village which altered to agricultural society was synthesized by primary festival.  But inside, the ranks were made gradually.  From the 9th to 13th century, Okinawa was having excitement age by top ranks, which were called "aji" were completed.  And by 14th century, Okinawa was consisted by three forces.  

   Shimazu Invasion

In 1609 Ryuku Kingdom got conquered by Satsuma Clan.  By the matter, Ryukyu became a part of structure of the Shougunate.  By many critics it is identified as it was for benefit from trade between China.

The Shimazu clan entered the Ryukyu Islands through Amami Oshima Island and attacked with a force of some 3,000 in March 1609.  The Ryukyu Kingdom having neither the weapons nor experience to do battle was defeated with minimal resistance in only ten days and was forced under Satsuma hegemony.

At 18th century, literature, studies, dance or music were prosperous and structure of present Okinawa culture was consisted then.

However, while time pass, contradicts in Okinawa got more and more serious, and farm villages got into Chronic starvation.

In this time many of the small Clans began to arise and take the influences of the warrior from China, Okinawa and Japan. The art of self defense came forward. (GoShinKan) "Strong Spirit"

Letter of Certification 

We carry on the age old tradition "Passing of the Sword" Ceremony. This Ceremony represents the passing of a new Spirit to aid on the journey of a new GoShinkan Shodan. (Black Belt) 

In the days of old, a GoShinKan warrior was considered equal to that of 3 full clad bushido warriors and thus well sought out as "Saburai" or body guards for the higher Classes and often used as protector of the people against the Ronin.

The New GoShinKan Shodan (Black Belt) receives his gifts of tradition and a Katana

The Katana one receives is hand crafted and is folded many times and carries the edge diameter less than that of razor blade. So it can be unforgiving in its lessons.


Scott Gaines
of Fulton, MO
has joined the Ranks of the
GoShinKan Shodan in 2005

Ryan Rowland
of Jefferson City, MO
has joined the Ranks of the
GoShinKan Shodan in 2006