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Serious Brain Power at Work!

Serious Brain Power at Work!
Soke Stacy Huffman - Thu Oct 04, 2007 @ 11:51AM
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 The new dojo is taking a ton of brainpower. The Japanese walls are a bit more complicated than one might think and they take an enormous amount of time to build. Even working just about every weekend we make progress slowly but surely.

Opening our second location's doors at the end of November or the 1st of December might be cutting it close.

We are charging ahead full speed to get the doors open on time. I look forward to seeing the expressions on people's faces as they enter our traditional dojo. It is very impressive and immediately brings a state of humbleness and awe. To the hopes and dreams of a brighter future we will continue to invite those who wish to learn and have a great time.

The AMA Dojo will now have the ability to reach out to twice as many people from both East and West sides of Jefferson City. Serving Jefferson City from two locations will allow shorter travel times for present and future Martial Artists. This will give us many more opening for new students, which at the moment seems to be something we need badly.

I look forward to all the new challenges that await us! I know as we grow, more & more people will come to see the "old ways" of Karate-Do.

Comments: 1


1. brandon owens   |   Thu Oct 11, 2007 @ 05:11PM

I can't wait to see the new dojo. I bet everybody is excited to se the out come of hte building and how many new faces it will bring to the world of martial arts. hope to see everybody soon