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AMA Dojo Demos are getting noticed!

AMA Dojo Demos are getting noticed!
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Jul 09, 2007 @ 09:25AM
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  The 2007 Demos have turned out awesome! Great job guys and gals! I would like to thank all the families that have taken time out of their busy summer time schedule to help.

Thank You!

It is awesome to see that the word is getting out about our dojo. People are asking more and more questions about our dojo. Those around us are beginning to see that the knowledge a student carries is just as important as the belt he or she wears around their waist.

I know that this is no longer the norm for modern day martial arts belt testing. I know that most modern martial arts do belt testing on time base system. Unfortunately we still carry the high standers of tradition where students are only tested when the knowledge is fully learned and applied, no matter how long that may take. This insures the safety and welfare of our students. We wear our Rank or Belts proudly.

 I have noticed in the past couple of years that some martial arts schools are not wearing their rank or belts at Demos. Perhaps there is a reason and if you know why then please let me know? (please be respectful)


We at the AMA Dojo carry true Sensei's of honor. Just because you have a Black Belt dose not make you a Sensei. The AMA Dojo Sensei's are true Sensei. They must be an assistant instructor or Sempai for at least 4 years before earning the title of Sensei.

The AMA-Dojo puts it on the line for Jefferson City Missouri by opening our door and heart to all styles of Martial Arts. We may carry tradition but still have a lot of fun learning!

There are some wonderful new programs in the works for Adults and Children.  We have Sempais that are climbing up through the ranks and doing a wonderful job.

The AMA-Dojo continues to do things the "Dojo Way" and keeps it real in Jefferson City, Missouri.

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