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MMASC Annual Awards Banquet / MO Nationals Open Karate Championships

MMASC Annual Awards Banquet / MO Nationals Open Karate Championships
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Mar 02, 2009 @ 06:29PM
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It was a privilege and honor to be a guest of Master Osborn and the MMASC organization  The AMA Dojo thoroughly enjoyed the banquet. The family atmosphere along with comradely made for a great night. The AMA Dojo Fan Girls along with other MMASC members did a series of demos in which all received standing ovations.


The MMBAC Tournament started on time even with a winter storm moving in. It was well put together and for the most part it was well organized. It was great to have a ring assignments sheet issued at the start of the Tournament and the greatest thing about it was the sheet was right!


The AMA Dojo put it on the line at the MO Nationals Open Karate Championships. It was a good experience for our National Team. The competition was good and the judging was fair for the most part. It is always hard to have someone new come into ones house. We look forward to next years MO Nationals Open Karate Championships. We look forward to the comradely and the great competition.

AMA Dojo Placements:

Kyle EmersonInt8th8th8th
Ashlie EmersonInt1st2nd1st
Justice RichardsAdv2nd2nd3rd 
John RichardsInt7th2nd7th
Rylei ClarkBeg5thH/M1st
Bryson ClarkInt3rd4th  6th 
Dyllon MaddoxBeg1st3rd2nd
Bradley MaloneInt5th 6th5th
Camden RileyInt2nd8th8th
Jacqueline RileyInt2nd 1st8th
Kimme TaffInt5th6th5th
Daniel KomoInt4th4th  N/A
Dan KomoBeg Adult5thN/A3rd  
Rylei Clark *Beg*    
Ashlie Emerson *Int*    

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