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AMA Dojo Pizza Party 2008

AMA Dojo Pizza Party 2008
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Dec 15, 2008 @ 08:44PM
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warm up

As the AMA Dojo grows and we try to accommodate our numbers, only to find ourselves again over whelmed. This is not bad thing. This is a great thing! It once again shows that Traditional Karate is coming back strong in Jefferson City Missouri. I can only shake my head, it looks like we will be having two pizza parties next year.

What an awesome weekend! Games and prizes and just all round good fun for everyone. Congratulations to the Push-Up King and Queen of 2008.  As we count our Blessings this wonderful Holiday session. We should always be willing to share those blessings with those around us. Good Karma is a good thing =)

The AMA Dojo looks forward to 2009 and its new adventures. Happy Holidays everyone!

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Comments: 3


1. PepperSprayKing   |   Fri Dec 19, 2008 @ 04:00PM

A good well rounded style would be freestyle Karate.You will learn stand up,ground,grappling and weapons.What a lot of people don't understand is that freestyle Karate is about practical street defence not who can kick the highest or punch a pad the hardest.It's definitely not a sport martial art like TKD or BJJ.The motto of my style is the best of everything in progression.

2. Anonymous   |   Sun Dec 21, 2008 @ 02:53PM

What exactly is freestyle karate? Is that the same a mixed martial arts? What does the pepperspray queen have to do with the dojo pizza party.The best of everything may be progression as long as progression does not include watered down self defense at a high price with no tradition or discipline. Goshinkan karate has all the qualifications that were described in freestyle karate with hundreds of years of lineage to back it up.

3. Confused   |   Tue Jan 13, 2009 @ 09:00AM

Yep, PeppersprayKing is lost on this one. However I do like peppers on my Pizza. =)