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Breaking New Ground

Breaking New Ground
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Apr 09, 2007 @ 07:28AM
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With our continued growth and to make room for future students we are in the process of opening a second Dojo on the East Side of Jefferson City. Its still in the works.

We have several Sempais, that are moving up through the ranks. The future of our Dojo looks Great! We have really grown in the past year and continue to do so. The New Dojo will be like no other Dojo in Jefferson City. It will carry the look and the feel of 1700's Traditional Okinawan/Japanese Dojo.

We will have some awesome programs for all ages! Such as Bunkie & Meditation Classes as well as traditional strengthening techniques with traditional equipment. A good work out for anyone.

As you can tell Im very excited about opening a second Dojo in Jefferson City Missouri.

Not so excited about the growing pains that come along with it.
Needless to say we will indeed have a Grand Opening Ceremony and Celebration!

Keeping Karate at its best in Jefferson City Missouri.

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