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Jefferson City Missouri YMCA Karate Tournament Sept 27th

Jefferson City Missouri YMCA Karate Tournament Sept 27th
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Oct 06, 2008 @ 07:32PM
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The AMA Dojo shows up in force and takes the competition head on and captures under Black Belt Grand Champion for the 4th year in a row.

It is always good to see local Dojos at an event such as this. It always brings out some great and friendly competition between schools.

Congratulation to our Triple Crown Winners2008

Congratulation to every who placed at the YMCA Karate Tournament!

GoShinKan Karate     
Ashlie Emerson12Inter2nd1st1st
Kyle Emerson8InterHM2nd1st
Justice Richards14Adv3rd2nd1st
John Richards12Adv2nd1st1st
Bryson Clark12AdvHM2nd2nd
Rylei Clark 7Beg3rd1st1st
Camden Riley ****11Inter1st2ndHM
Jacqueline Riley13Inter3rd2nd2nd
Ashton Komo ***14Adv1st1st1st
Dyllon Maddox ***13Beg1st1st1st
Alex Scott7BegN/AHM3rd
Kyle Sears7BegHMHM3rd
Dakota Mathews9InterN/A6th4th
Stephen Bland13BegN/A3rd3rd
Dan NewkirkAdultAdvN/A2nd4th
Kimme Taff12Beg2nd2ndN/A
Mona SmithAdult`Inter4thN/AN/A
Justiin Berry13Adv5th4th2nd
Derek HawesAdultAdv1st1st2nd
Derrick Harley7BegHMHM2nd
Gage Raithel12Inter4th`3rdHM
Eli Raithel10InterHMHM2nd
Bradley Malone10Inter1st4th4th
Tyler Quehl11Beg2nd2nd3rd
Parker Mason9BegN/A2nd2nd
Cheyenne Woodward9BegN/A3rd3rd
Edd PonderSeniorBlack BeltN/A2ndN/A
Iss Kei Sho Karate     
B.J. HuffmanSeniorBlack Belt1st1stN/A
Zack Fortman8Inter3rd1st2nd
Preston Palmer11InterN/A4th5th
Ryan Young10Inter3rd5th4th
Bailey Scerer8BegN/A3rd5th
Alex Samson10Inter4th1st3rd
*** Triple Crown     
**** Under Black Belt Grand Champion    

Congratulation to our Triple Crown Winners:

Ashton Komo
Dyllon Maddox

Congratulations to Under Black Belt Grand Champion:

Camden Riley

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Comments: 1


1. Sensei Charle Pointer   |   Tue Sep 11, 2012 @ 08:26PM

Please send me information on your tournament.