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Columbia Cup Karate Tournament 2008

Columbia Cup Karate Tournament 2008
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Sep 22, 2008 @ 08:24PM
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An Old School Karate Tournament!

Columbia Cup Winners_08

The AMA Dojo makes a grand showing at the Columbia Cup Karate Tournament and some hard and some well earned lessons were learned. Back to the roots of basics and the foundations of  Kata. The Tournament was awesome and there was some of the best martial artists in the U.S. there. It was good to see Old friends and to make new ones.

Special thanks to Ray Walker, Sensei and the City of Columbia for hosting such a great event. It was great time!

AMA Dojo Students, WOW what a great showing of heart and respect. The old timers were impressed but insisted that there is plenty of room for improvement on Weapons Kata, empty hand Kata, and Kumite.

Tournament Placements:

Kyle Emerson8Inter5th3rdHM
Ashlie Emerson12Inter1st1st4th
Bryson Clark12Adv2nd2nd6th
John Richards12Adv3rd1stHM
Justice Richards - Grand Champion14Adv2nd3rd1st
Rylei Clark7BegHM4th6th
Justin Berry13Inter5th3rdHM
Eli Raithel10InterHM 
Gage Raithel12InterHM3rdHM
Dyllon Maddox13Beg2nd1st2nd
Tyler Quehl11Beg4th2nd3rd
Derrick Hartley7BegHMHM2nd
Jacqueline Riley13Inter3rd1st5th
Camden Riley11Inter2nd2nd2nd
Bradley Malone10Adv4th3rdHM
Sarah Sears14Inter4th3rdHM
Danielle Komo12Beg2nd3rd 
Ashton Komo14Adv1st2nd3rd
Angela ArcherAdultInter1st1st3rd
Tommy ManleyAdultBeg2nd2nd 
Todd WertsAdultBeg1st2nd 
Susan HawesAdultInter1st2ndHM
Dan NewkirkAdultInterHM1st 
Lee BobbittAdultAdv1st2nd 
Alex Scott7Beg3rd5th 
Dakota Mathews9Inter4th5th 
Robert LeeAdultInter1st2nd2nd
Stephen Bland13Beg3rd2nd 

Click Here for Photos.

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