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A Touching and Heart Felt Card

A Touching and Heart Felt Card
Soke Stacy Huffman - Thu Aug 14, 2008 @ 09:45AM
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A new student presented the Dojo with a card congratulating the AMA Dojo's National Karate Team in Jefferson City Missouri.

within the card was the following:

Stacy Huffman Sensei,

Although I lack significant training and have yet to develop any measurable skill in karate, I can't help but to be extremely impressed with the warmth, individual attention and care that is so generously shown to each and every student in your dojo.”

With increasing opportunities for young people in our community to participate in activities that will help them mature into respectful, healthy and happy adults, the AMA Dojo stands out as an oasis for the kind of mental, emotional and physical development that will improve lives, families and communities for generations to come!”

Respectfully Kathleen Mims”

After reading this card my Sempai and myself found ourselves graciously humbled and momentarily silent.

Our response is:

“ It is what we do.”

Karate-Do has touched many of our lives in mind, body and spirit in the very same way. We are only more than glad to share the rich traditions and heritage with those around us. As it was for my Sensei who was more than willing to share it with a very head strong youth who thought he had all the answers. (ME!)

Soke Stacy Huffman, Sensei

Comments: 2


1. Derek Hawes   |   Wed Aug 27, 2008 @ 12:28PM

This card and the gift it accompanied really set some of the sempais back on their heels. Thank you again to Kathleen both for the gift to the Dojo and for "getting it". As I advance in my training and travel the road toward my own school, my greatest wish is that I can share the light that my Sensei has cast on me. Your gesture has helped me to remember why I train 6 days a week, and to remember how important each class can be to the students and teachers.

2. Tommy J. Manley   |   Tue Sep 09, 2008 @ 07:52AM

I was brought up with a father who belived in the traditions and heart of karate. He trained over seas while he was in the Marines. At the base of everything he taught me it is a privilage and honor to train in martial arts. I have the honor and privilage to be taught by Sensie Huffman and the sempais.They prove every class they care about every student and try to find ways to help them grow. I have taken martial arts over the years since I was kid in a couple different styles and have learned more understanding of the art as well as more about myself since I have been here. The Traditions make this the strongest of the styles I have seen. This is not only a dojo but a home full of family.