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2009 Diamond Nationals

2009 Diamond Nationals
Soke Stacy Huffman - Wed Oct 14, 2009 @ 01:15PM
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It has been long time since we have had an adult go all the way to “World Champion Ships.”  The night before the big tournament the nerves set in and we find a room to work out in. The Ro Kyu begins to work out some the nervousness and settle down. The next mornin the nervousness is back and it brings some friends the butterflies. After several trips to the bathroom Its time to put on the line.


 Ya gota love how well the Diamonds National Karate Tournament is ran. Divisions ran on time and you are in out in a couple of hours. The Judges seem to all be on the same page when came to the new rules, unlike the Battle of Atlanta, The new rule that seems to be throwing everyone is *Maximum Deviation Rule* In the Battle of Atlanta the Judges conferred and all gave the same score for example:  8.77 / 8.77 /8.77. This was very upsetting to the old school coaches and competitors. Judges should score according to who they believe has the most consistent / strongest forms in their area of expertise., not conference  and decide together who the winner is. Competition should be judged not conferred.

The *Maximum Deviation Rule* was cleared up at the Diamond Nationals; it is rule that keeps the score variance with in the same range and it is up to the center judge to make sure that variance is consistent. Example: 8.77 /8.81 /8.80 this score were all in the mid 8s and no one gave  9.88 as score. This is something that is pretty much already done but the center now has the right to say to “High”  The Center Judge can call max score example 8.90.

The Center Judge we had was motivating and consistent and made sure the other judges did the same. He ran tight ring and kept things moving right along. My hat off to him on his ability to run a great ring.

The AMA Dojo of Jefferson City Missouri once again puts it on the line at the Diamond Nationals.  Competition was fierce and Barbra King takes the following honors:

1st Weapons : 1st in Kata /Forms : 3rd in Kumite/ Sparring.

Congratulations Ro Kyu!

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