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National Qualifiers Start out with Bang!

National Qualifiers Start out with Bang!
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Apr 21, 2008 @ 07:20PM
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2008 Coca Cola Classic Winners

The Art of Martial Arts Dojos of Jefferson City starts the tournament session with a bang! Half of the AMA Dojo’s Team qualifies for the Nationals on their first tournament!

The AMA Dojo saw some new changes that may take some time to getting use to but the Team turned it up for competition. Under Black Belt Grand Champion had all first place winners from13 divisions competing and 6 of those students were Jefferson City’s AMA Dojo students.

It was still an eye opener for those who want their shot at the World Championships in St Paul MN.

The AMA Dojo would like to say Congratulations to everyone! Great Job!

The Placements as Follows.

Coca Cola Classic St. Louis 2008 
Kyle Emerson8Inter5th1st8th14
Asklie Emerson12Inter3rd4th2nd18
Bryson Clark12Advan8th1st2nd20
John Richards12Inter5th8th1st14
Justice Richards13Inter1st1st3rd26
Gage Raithel11Inter4th2ndX12
Eli Raithel9Inter2nd4thX12
Dyllon Maddox12Beg3rd1st5th18
Jacqueline Riley13Inter2nd5th3rd16
Camden Riley11Inter5th2nd4th14
Justin Berry12Beg3rd1st1st26
Kimme Taff11Beg8th6th8th6
Tyler Quehl9Beg6th1st4th16



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