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Jefferson City’s YMCA Karate Tournament Turns it up notch.

Jefferson City’s YMCA Karate Tournament Turns it up notch.
Soke Stacy Huffman - Tue Mar 04, 2008 @ 05:42AM
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Competitors for all over Missouri and some as far away as the state of Alabama come to the YMCA Karate Tournament to compete. The competition bar is rising and the AMA Dojo is loving every minute of it. The AMA Dojo strives to learn and takes competition head on.

The AMA Dojo capture many Honors at Jefferson City’s YMCA Karate Tournament and takes in one Triple Crown (a person takes 1st in all three divisions: Weapons, Forms and Sparring.)  The AMA Dojo also takes under Black Belt Grand Champion.

March 2008 Jefferson City's YMCA Under Black Belt Grandchampion "Eli Raithel"

March 2008 Jefferson City's YMCA Karate Tournament Triple Crown"Justin Berry"

It is good to see that some of the other Jefferson City Martial Arts schools are putting it on the line as well. We welcome it and look forward to seeing them again.

The AMA Dojo represents Jefferson City at the Sullivan St. Jude Fundraiser Open Karate Tournament on Sunday in Sullivan Missouri.
Sullivan Triple Crown winner "Eli Raithel"

This makes this weekend a double hitter (tournament on Saturday and Sunday) The AMA Dojo captures the attention of the locals and brings to light that there is much more to wining in a tournament. We bring to light that learning is our main goal.

AMA Students did very well capturing many honors and a another Triple Crown.

 Congratulations to every one!

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