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One, Two and Three and another step toward the Internationals.

One, Two and Three and another step toward the Internationals.
Soke Stacy Huffman - Mon Oct 15, 2007 @ 07:10PM
Comments: 4

Camden Riley of Jefferson City places in all three events at the Diamond National World Championships in St Paul MN.

 Camden Placed:

1st Kata (Forms)

2nd Kumite (Sparring)

3rd Weapons Kata (Forms)

With hard work brings great rewards! Congratulations Camden!

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Comments: 4


1. Anonymous   |   Tue Oct 16, 2007 @ 04:19AM

WOW! Good job Cam!

2. Preston Palmer   |   Tue Oct 16, 2007 @ 04:22AM

Good job Camden. So Awesome!

3. ryan   |   Tue Oct 16, 2007 @ 07:47AM

Hello Goshinkan Family:

I see things are still moving forward with you guys! That is great. Hope to be up in a couple of weeks to train.... The job keeps me busy. as well as, the family. I am finally hashing out a place to open my own school so, soon you may have some additional outside family members stopping by.

Take care everyone one.

Sensei Rowland.

4. Soke Stacy Huffman   |   Mon Oct 29, 2007 @ 07:11PM

Ryan Sensei,
We look forward to working out with you any chance we can. GoShinKan faimly included.
Great News about the St. Louis Dojo if you need any help let us know!
Hope to see ya soon

Soke Stacy Huffman, Sensei